Unwanted Habits

Nail biting, hair twiddling or pulling and drumming ones fingers are a few examples of unwanted habits. These range from being mildly annoying to self-harming. They are things we do without consciously thinking about them, and are based on natural grooming behaviour. However, maybe because we are seeking pleasure or feeling bored or stressed, we start to “groom” when there is no need, and over time we do it more aggressively and persistently.

With the help of hypnosis, unwanted habits can be permanently changed for the better.

  • No longer feel embarrassed
  • Feel more at ease
  • Grow healthy nails and hair

These habits often start out, quite innocently, as a natural exploration of the world around us – like putting objects into our mouths as babies. Over time, this practice can provide us with a sense of emotional security and gratification. Our hair and nails are convenient, readily available objects. But, as we grow older, we sometimes lose control of these habits, and we aren’t even aware of it. They can enormously impact how we present ourselves to the world – socially and professionally – and negatively affect our self-esteem.

As with many other unwanted habits, we often follow up the behaviour with a realisation of what we’ve done, we berate ourselves and subsequently engage in negative self-talk that can exaggerate the damage. Hypnotherapy allows us to take back control of our mind on an unconscious level. A new dialogue can be initiated and unwanted associations and habits can be changed.

In the members section you will find useful strategies and a specifically designed audio session to help you change unwanted habits as well as a range of relaxing recordings.