Relax and Resolve

Declutter your mind and release the power of your own imagination to resolve old issues, relax and heal.

Hypnosis is a wonderful way to explore a dreamlike world of fantasy and to experience luxurious relaxation. These therapies help us to calm our minds and bodies. We are given assistance to let go of current worries and busy thoughts by focusing our attention on our breathing, and on the small groups of muscles in our bodies. Once a deep state of relaxation is reached, we are ready to take an imaginary journey in our minds.

Journeys can be guided or content-free. During a guided session of Interactive Lucid Dreaming (ILD), I “travel with you” to a safe space, and from there you describe to me what you are seeing, where you are going and what happens next. These journeys can be amazing, powerful and entertaining. The beauty of ILD is that you are able to deal with traumatic issues through metaphors and analogies – making incredible, lasting change.

Some of the journeys have a particular focus to help resolve issues that have been troubling us. Some focus on self-healing, while others are designed to enhance sleep. If you become a member you can experience audio versions of some of these sessions at home, helping you to enjoy a restorative nap or sleep. I have also recorded a simple meditation for you to try and then adapt for your own situation. This Loving Kindness Meditation helps us to generate warmth and kindness for ourselves and others.