Phobias and Fears

We all recognise that phobias are irrational, but unfortunately that doesn’t prevent us from being paralysed by them. These reactions to certain places, things or animals usually start as a useful response to a difficult situation. Frequently the experience relates to an event that occurred when we were very young. Perhaps a parent reacted dramatically in order to protect us. Or maybe our own imagination perceived a greater danger than was actually occurring. For whatever reason, our unconscious mind has been keeping hold of an extreme fear that is no longer pertinent or useful to us.

As with other difficult situations in life, we have choices about how we react to events and our environment. With hypnotherapy, you can by guided to “let go” of unwanted extreme fears and replace them with healthier, more suitable responses. With a fear of snakes, for example, you can replace your phobia with curiosity, and an appropriate level of caution. You can decide; just tell me what you want to achieve and I will help you make it happen.