Let's try a 10-minute meditation

Let’s try a 10-minute meditation

Unlike other sitting quiet with eyes closed meditations, we are not going to have a particular focus, you are not trying to empty your mind and you don’t have to sit like a monk. Sounds too easy doesn’t it? In this non-guided meditation you can think all you want to – even enjoy the meanderings of your mind. You can sit comfortably as if you were about to settle in to watch a movie at home and you can open your eyes to peek at the time if you want to…And don’t worry if you drift off into sleep or start dreaming.

The idea is that when you are physically comfortable it is easier for your body and mind to relax. All thoughts are encouraged and never banished, which actually means you think less and your mind can naturally settle. Because the practice is enjoyable you are also more likely to practice it regularly – enabling you to gain from the many benefits that meditation brings.

Step 1 – Get comfortable sitting or slouching in a chair, on your sofa or propped up in bed. Forget about being straight backed unless that is a position you find relaxing and totally comfortable. Feet can be on the floor or resting on something in front of you. Keep a clock or timer near you so that if you want to peek at the time you can. And set a soft sounding alarm for 10 mins.

Step 2 – Close your eyes and listen to your breath for a few rounds. Then think about what you have done today or immediately before you sat down. This is a way to acknowledge what you have been doing and allow yourself to transition to a calmer state.

Step 3 – Gently smile and let all and any thoughts that come into your mind to be, sit with them like you would a friend. Follow them to see where they take you if you like. No banishing, no judging. All thoughts are welcome and if you need to adjust your posture, scratch an itch or peek at the timer you can.

When the timer goes off give yourself a while to gently waken. Take a couple of deeper breaths…and then open your eyes.

Well done! You have completed today’s meditation 😀

How was it?

Was it different as the practice proceeded?

Was your mind busy or settled?

Did you drift off?

Make a note if you like or send me a message.

I suggest for the first week to set aside just 10 minutes in your day for this practice and see how it goes. I look forward to finding out how you get on.