What to expect in an individual session

Hypnotherapy is new for many so, knowing what to expect is helpful. I offer a free 15 minute call where I can introduce myself and answer your questions. You have the opportunity to discuss what you wish to achieve and I can explain how I can help.

  • Chat and get to know Sallie Shaw and her therapies
  • Arrange a booking, initially for one or two sessions
  • Choose online video call or face-to-face in Worcestershire
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Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you take back control of your own mind and body. Clients experience a deep level of relaxation and beneficial changes are usually apparent after one or two sessions. Although the therapy offered will vary depending on the issue and your goals, sessions normally follow this pattern:

  • Talk about your issue in more depth and answer any questions
  • Establish current level of anxiety or pain if relevant
  • Relax and communication with the unconscious mind begins
  • Engage the unconscious mind in a dialogue which challenges old or unwanted thought patterns and messages
  • Suggest more beneficial ways of thinking and self-healing to achieve your goal
  • Encourage acceptance of change and resolution of past issues
  • Consolidate this with a dream-like guided journey using symbolism and analogy
  • Gradually return from the deeply relaxed state
  • Discuss how you feel and what progress has been made

I use hypnotherapy techniques to directly communicate with your unconscious mind. Don’t worry, you remain in control at all times and can move or speak if you wish to. In this focused and relaxed state the unconscious mind is open to the beneficial changes that you want to make. Old and no longer useful ways of thinking can be changed, so that you can reach your potential, relax, heal and find harmony within yourself.  

If you want to find out more, fill in the contact form or book your free call.

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Island Journey Introduction

Let’s go to the beach, take a boat and enjoy a relaxing journey to an island. Explore by yourself in a dreamlike state before you drift effortlessly into sleep.

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress can affect us both physically and mentally. Hypnotherapy can help find new ways to deal with potentially stressful situations by responding to problematic situations and triggers.

Relax and Resolve

Hypnosis is a wonderful way to explore a dreamlike world of fantasy and luxurious relaxation. All relaxation therapies start with deep breathing which helps us to switch off our busy minds.

Chronic Pain

For many, chronic pain causes considerable distress, immobility and fatigue. Lower back pain is the most common, and a major cause of disability around the world. But there is hope.

Phobias and Fears

We all recognise that phobias are irrational, but unfortunately that doesn’t prevent us from being paralysed by them. These reactions to certain places, things or animals usually start as a useful response to a difficult situation.

Unwanted Habits

Nail biting, hair twiddling or pulling and drumming ones fingers are a few examples of unwanted habits. These range from being mildly annoying to bordering on self harm. They are all things we do without consciously thinking about them.