How to Relax and Unwind

How to Relax and Unwind

How do you relax and unwind?

Do you head for the sofa and listen to music, find a good movie, or binge watch TV?

Do you get creative and crafty to occupy your busy mind?

Do you head outside for a walk or a run?

Or do you pick up the phone and chat to a mate?

I do all of these at different times or on different days depending on how I feel. I like to be outside when I can – walking these days more often than going for a run. Can easily find something to do, but it’s often different for me at night.

Generally, at night, I like quiet rather than listening to music.  I find it a distracting noise rather sounds to relax to. I read for a while before I sleep but sometimes my eyes want the comfort of darkness. Sometimes I sleep for a couple of hours then wake, and if I don’t do something I can be tossing and turning for another couple. Which is annoying when I am tired but can’t relax enough to sleep.

At these times I listen to guided meditations where someone reminds me my body knows how to sleep. I listen to my breath and follow it for a while, I do a body scan – imagining the muscles around my body relaxing one by one. Then sometimes I come across an audio that hits just the right note and somehow helps me to transcend the mundane thoughts that keep interrupting my drifting into dreams and sleep. These are my gold, my treasure for the moments when I can’t sleep.

Discovering that hypnotic recordings could help to quieten my mind and sleep, inspired me to train in hypnotherapy. During my training I was introduced to the therapeutic power of dreams. I loved sharing my experiences and working with my colleagues as we guided each other in interactive lucid dreams. I went on therapeutic journeys which allowed me to face my own daemons and move on. I also started to get ideas for my own journeys that could be used to help us reach a deeply relaxed state, release anxious thoughts and sleep better.

The journeys I have here on my website are designed to do just that; they help you relax, and transition easily into a dreamlike state. At times you may still be interrupted by day-to-day thoughts but at others your imagination takes over to give you a wonderful experience. You may lose track of time for a while and although the sessions are short, they feel much longer because of the richness of the dream-like world you are guided to create.

My members love my relaxing journeys – I hope you do too