Chronic Pain

For many of us, chronic pain causes considerable distress, immobility and fatigue. Lower back pain is the most common, and it’s a major cause of disability around the world. Don’t lose hope. Hypnotherapy can reduce or eliminate chronic pain that persists even after the original cause of the pain has been removed or healed.

Pain is experienced when sensory receptors in the body send messages via nerve fibres to the brain. The brain is thus alerted to a problem. When this problem has been addressed, you have moved away from the fire, so to speak, and the message is removed. In some situations, however, the signal persists long after the problem has been dealt with. Perhaps the healing process was long, or the event particularly traumatic. For some reason – and there is usually a reason – the unconscious mind has kept hold of the message and continues to send signals of pain.

​Hypnotherapy techniques can help to remove, manage or reduce long-term pain by communicating directly with the unconscious mind. This is a powerful therapy and results can be swift. For some sufferers, a number of sessions may be needed and can be enhanced by listening to self-hypnosis audios. In this way the natural healing capacity of the body and mind is gradually enhanced.

  • Naturally overcome or reduce stubborn pain.
  • Move more freely and comfortably.
  • Be guided in your own self-healing.

Although I recommend an individual session for anyone suffering from chronic pain, you may benefit from the range of relaxing audios which are available in the members area.

Please note: this complementary therapy is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek medical advice before making changes to your treatment.