Sallie Shaw

Hi, I’m Sallie. I am a hypnotherapist and life coach at Sallie Shaw Therapy and Wellbeing.

People have always found me easy to talk to and I like to listen. But now I do more than providing a friendly ear and comforting voice. I help people achieve change – starting by them talking truthfully about what is troubling them. Depending on the issue and the individual, I use relaxation and hypnotherapy to help people face their fears, reduce anxiety and shift the way they think about themselves. I am finding more confidence and calm within myself and I can help you to do the same.

Sallie Shaw Therapy Home

For many years I was a private tutor in Hong Kong, mostly teaching English to children and teenagers. I noticed that although I could help navigate the vagaries of the English language, my true strength was my ability to encourage my students to express themselves. Giving them the space to communicate and find their own voice and style was both effective and so rewarding. We talked about the things they were interested in and I helped them find new enthusiasm and interest in subjects where they lacked confidence or had come to believe they were ‘not good at’. We wrote poems and enjoyed taking turns reading and acting. I coached kids to stand on stage to perform with emotion a carefully chosen poem, write and give a speech, debate in class or at an international mock congress of the United Nations. Confidence came from believing in themselves, practicing and not being scared to try.

My students have gone on to do great things and continue to make me feel proud. So, what did I learn? That I can encourage others to be brave and find their own voice. And with confidence you can do amazing things.

More recently, after moving back to the UK to be with my family, my world was turned upside down after losing both my parents, my brother and my cousin within two years. Sleep had always been a struggle for me, but in grief it became worse, and the night became a very dark and scary place for me. Sometimes I would drink to knock myself out, which left me feeling anxious and even less able to cope in the day and especially in the middle of the night. I tried listening to relaxing audio recordings and eventually stumbled across some that helped me. Listening to these guided meditations, I felt safe enough to let go and sleep, and if I did wake up, I would listen to them again and again. This was comforting and I knew that even if I wasn’t sleeping at least I was resting. I began to feel better.

I started reading about the power of hypnosis – I wanted to learn how to do this for myself and had the beginning of an idea that maybe I could help others. I read, listened and then I took a training course. Motivated to help a friend, my initial training focused on relieving pain and since then I have studied more and learned how hypnotherapy can help with issues that affect many of us. At times we all lose our way, face loss, feel overwhelmed, or unworthy and can’t quieten our busy minds to sleep. I believe hypnotherapy and talking about these issues can help. I am grateful to have learned some tools I can use and share with others.

Depending on your needs and budget, I offer a mixture of individual, group and audio support. Negative self-talk is more common that many realise and I enable people to change their internal conversation and begin to love themselves again. I often help people reduce their anxiety, feel calm and ultimately more confident. I also work with people to help them overcome insomnia to get the sleep they need.

Looking back, it is no surprise that I have focused on developing my own therapies to help particularly with sleep, anxiety and building confidence. My guided audio journeys remind me of the storytelling I did as a child – making up stories to tell my younger sister before she went to sleep.

We are all a work in progress, and I continue to learn, develop and explore. My thirst for adventure encompasses the workings of the mind and the world around us. Since completing my training and establishing Sallie Shaw Therapy and Wellbeing, I am happy to be coaching and helping others in individual sessions and groups and through my audio journeys online. I am happy to be helping people find their inner calm and value themselves for the wonderful beings that we all are.

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